CHT, Transplantation d'arbres Transplanting of trees

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Professionnal transplanter of adult trees.
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CHT entreprise spécialisée dans la transplantation d'arbres adultes.

CHT is completely at your disposition for all transplanting of trees with trunk diameters from 10 cm to 80 cm

Transplantation d'arbresCHT does tree transplantation for municipal authorities, companies, and private individuals. Our role as advisers on environmental factors, coupled with our experience with all types of trees and soil conditions, are equally indispensable factors for the success of your project.

If you have a project for the transplanting of a tree, or trees, in France or elsewhere in Europe, CHT undertakes to :

Arbre à déterrer To give you all the necessary advice for the successful realisation of your transplantation of trees.

Arbre à bougerCHT will provide a detailed quotation which corresponds exactly with your written requirements.

Arbre à transférerCHT will indicate and respect the timetable foreseen.

Arbre à déplacerCHT offers you the advantage of more than 20 years experience in the transplanting of trees.

Arbre en déplacmentA tree succeeds in its transplanting according to the degree of attention received which only its owner is capable of ensuring. Our results : the percentage success rate superior to 90% is your guarantee.


Pour transplanter un arbresarl CHT
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