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The Transplanting of Trees - Why ?

Why transplant a large tree ?

Moving an already developed tree permits :

The Transplanting of Trees - How ?

Two methods are used today :

With mechanical tree transplanters:

Special machines capable of moving trees up to a diameter of 30cm, independently of any other assistance.
They perform by themselves:

The principal advantages of this technique are:

Alternatively with more traditional methods:

The production of the root ball by digging mechanically and manually all around the tree, carefully cutting the roots, then wrapping the root ball in netting. The difficulty is to handle the root ball without causing deformation. It is here that modern methods intervene:

the creation of a rigid platform inserted under the root ball and the lifting of the whole with large cranes or a system of hydraulic cylinders. The weights in question may then exceed 200 tonnes.
This technique is reserved for root balls of a diameter equal to or larger than 3 metres. National Shade, an American company specialising in this activity, assists us with its techniques and experience.

When to Transplant a Tree ?

Traditionally deciduous trees can be transplanted when they are without leaves, that is from November to March, while conifers can be moved between September and March. However moving trees can be done all year round, but avoiding the spring budding period, and in following a strict programme of watering.
Certain evergreens prefer soils warmed from the start of summer, like the palms.
In all cases a preparation of the root system, that is to say, a circular partial cutting of the roots all around the tree is strongly recommended one to two years before transplanting.
This ring cutting has the objective of spreading the period of trauma to which the tree is subjected so as to permit it to react in the best way.

The Transplanting of Trees - the Results ?

The rate of success is, all factors taken into account, 85%, despite the small percentage of pre-prepared trees, and aftercare sometimes insufficient.

The factors of success are numerous, but one can take into account principally;

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