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Professionnel de la transplantation d'arbres adultes.
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déplacement d'arbreThe Davey Tree Expert Company Acquires National Shade


Kent, OH - The Davey Tree Expert Company has acquired the tree moving and related assets of National Shade L.P. of Houston, Texas, which positions Davey as the largest tree moving company in North America.

"The acquisition of the National Shade L.P. assets, which will now be called National Shade, a division of the Davey Tree Expert Company, is a prominent step for Davey Tree. We have been the leader in tree care since 1880 and now with this acquisition we clearly take the lead in the relocation of large trees," said Ken Celmer, senior vice president and general manager for Davey Tree residential and commercial services.

Davey Tree currently moves trees as large as 10 inches in diameter from its Jacksonville, Fla., and Wooster, Ohio, locations. The acquisition of National Shade's operation will allow Davey to move trees exceeding 60 inches in diameter throughout the United States and Canada.

National Shade, which has facilities in Houston, Texas, and Fresno, Calif., will work with Davey's 80-plus offices throughout North America to cross-market services to existing clients. David Cox, current president of National Shade L.P., will become the Davey district manager.

"Adding the specialized equipment and experienced staff of National Shade to our extensive network of existing Davey operations will create exciting new business opportunities," said Karl Warnke, president and chief operating officer of Davey Tree. Warnke also calls the acquisition "a strategic move to expand our markets and services to those markets."

The Davey Tree Expert Company provides tree, shrub and lawn care, grounds maintenance, vegetation management and consulting services throughout the United States and Canada. Davey is employee-owned with nearly 6,000 employees.

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